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In 1914, there were four military districts in New Zealand: Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago. Each district recruited territorial soldiers to serve in their local area, in different regiments. There were four regiments in the Auckland District: the 3rd (Auckland), 6th (Hauraki), 15th (North Auckland), and 16th (Waikato). Each Military District had to provide a Regiment of Infantry, composed of one battalion. The four regiments forming the New Zealand Infantry Brigade, consisted of the Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, and Otago Battalions. The Infantry Brigade, together with a Brigade of Mounted Rifles, Artillery, and Divisional Troops formed the original Main Body of the N.Z.E.F. Each of these regiments provided a company, and also certain specialists, to form the battalion for service overseas. The four companies of the battalion thus formed retained the names and badges of the Territorial Regiments from which they were drawn. The Cambridge High School old boys mainly served with the 16th (Waikato) Company commanded by Captain MacDonald. Volunteers left Cambridge and many found their introduction to service life at Alexandra Park. Personal records refer to soldiers going overseas on different reinforcements throughout the war. Fresh troops and casualty replacements were sent out after training. They travelled on ships chartered for the task, such as HMNZT 3. With each voyage undertaken the ship concerned under New Zealand Troop Transport was given a new number. Many of the ships undertook many voyages. For example the SS MAUNGANUI was involved in seven transports and so was numbered, HMNZT 03, 17, 24, 30, 86, 96 & 103

Picture of a Transport Ship

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