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Picture of William Krogman
William George "Bob" Krogman
Bombadier - Service Number 2/898

Williams' mother was Charlotte Baldwin and Bob was the stepson of Samuel Baldwin. Before the war Bob worked for a local newspaper, The Waikato Independent where he was well liked. He enlisted in Wanganui and by all accounts was a model soldier, very fit and with a charming personality. He served as a Bombadier in the New Zealand Field Artillery serving in the 11th Battery, and went to France in time for the great battle of 1916, on the Somme. The Artillery arrived from Armentiers via a staged march through Piquiny, Amiens, and down to the Bonnay and Corbie area. A week of training and servicing the guns then they were sent into the area of Longueval on the 1st of September. By the 5th and 6th of September all the guns were in position. The batteries were engaged in counter battery work prior to an attack. At this time our batteries could be firing between 800 and 1000 rounds per day in the ordinary course of action. This work was dangerous, as enemy counter battery shelling included gas shells. A prolonged bombardment starting on the 12th of September to soften up the German defences lasted for three days prior to the attack on the 15th. The day of the attack dawned fine, cool and with mist in hollows and depressions. At 6am, the guns increased the intensity of their fire for 20 minutes before the troops rose up out of the trenches and headed across no-man's land. Bob died on the 15th of September, 1916, aged 23. He was killed (died of wounds) in the battle of the Somme and is buried in the Longueval Road Cemetery in Block E Row 5.