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Picture of Kenneth Aubrey Hooker
Kenneth Aubrey Hooker
Rifleman - Service Number 65815

Kenneth was one of four sons of James and Hannah Hooker, a farming family from Pukeroro, Cambridge. Both Kenneth and his brother Arthur were killed in the last few weeks of the war.
Kenneth enlisted in July, 1917, in the Rifle Brigade and embarked in Wellington on the 31st of December, as part of the 33rd Reinforcements E Company. He travelled on the SS.Athenic as part of NMNZT 99, travelling to Glasgow in Scotland. He was killed in action on the 28th August 1918 in fighting around Bapaume. The attack began on the 26th at 6.30 am, advancing along the Beugnatre Road in a south eastery direction for some 1500 yards, to partially encircle Bapaume. The 4th Battalion advanced through a storm of fire and well-placed machine guns and there were many casualties. On the 27th, they attacked Beugnatre and entrenched to then try and hold on to the land they had gained. All this time they were under severe heavy artillery and machine gun fire and on the 28th Kenneth was killed. He is buried in Favreuil British Cemetery, France in Block I Grave E3